5 September 2017

7 reasons to get excited about the start of a new term

7 reasons to get excited about the start of a new term

7 reasons to get excited about the start of a new term

7 reasons to get excited about the start of a new term

The start of a new term (be it at school or uni or college) can be hella daunting. It's something that can cause a lot of anxiety and even a bit of a mental health flare-up. But, if you're in need of a little pick-me-up this week as you go back to school/college or prepare for university, I've got a list of good things about a new term that *hopefully* will help ease some of the concern. 

1.) New stationery. Folders, pens, pencils, notebooks, the list goes on. There's SO much beautiful stationery out there to help get you motivated. Having a fresh start with a set of new things can really help to settle you into the idea that no matter what happened last year, you've got a fresh slate now.

2.) You get a routine back. It feels nice being away from having to do things in a set pattern every day, BUT, it means that you have to structure your own day, which can be quite draining. A new term means a new daily plan that you can stick to and keep your life in order.

3.) You're far away from exams. The beginning of an academic year = not having exams. You can take your time to adjust to the syllabus. Plus, the stress of examinations is not on top of you whilst you settle back in to an academic routine.

4.) It's a chance to start afresh academically. You've had a long break, and now it's time to get stuck in. Last year's results can always be improved upon, and you can leave them behind you. This is your year to shine.

5.) You've got your mentors back. Whether they're teachers, personal tutors, or members of a mental health team, you've got a support network back in place that you can see whenever you need them.

6.) Learning. I know, I know, this isn't *too* exciting, but if you're heading into your A-Levels or uni, you get to study subjects you love (and if you don't love them, you might need to think about what you're gaining from the experience). 

7.) If all else fails, it's not too long until half term/reading week. I went through periods of really hating and really loving being in education. Sometimes going through a whole day seemed too hard, and crossing it off on my calendar as I edged towards a break felt like such a weight off of my shoulders. If you are really struggling with the idea of going back, then talk to someone about it, and see what help you can get. 

What are you excited for?

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  1. I used to get so excited about new stationary every time I started a new term.



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