26 September 2017

Homesense sheet masks (that actually work!)

Homesense sheet masks (that actually work!)

Sheet masks were something that I used to look at as a bit of a gimmick. I mean, they're fun to do with a friend as you chuckle at the way that the mask doesn't quite fit anyone's face just right, but they've never actually done anything for my skin. Or at least they hadn't before.

HomeSense is a treasure trove of weird and wonderful beauty products. After trawling the web for SO LONG, I've still not managed to find these anywhere online. Which 100% has not frustrated me at all. 

The masks come in a set of four; two charcoal and two tea tree ones. The former aims to detox your pores, whilst the latter clears your complexion up. I love both of them. My skin has seen so many breakouts recently, and I can feel that my pores are clogged up with a whole lotta gunk too. These sheet masks left my skin feeling completely cleaned out, weren't abrasive and definitely reduced the appearance of my pre-existing spots. 

These were totally a win, so excuse me whilst I frantically search through HomeSense to find a whole batch to stock up on.

What sheet masks would you recommend?

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