10 September 2017

KIKO's gel face wash for combination/oily skin

KIKO's gel face wash for combination/oily skin

KIKO's gel face wash for combination/oily skin
I'm a big fan of KIKO's makeup, but to be quite honest I had no idea that they did skincare until very recently. They've got a whole range of bits and pieces for different types of skin, and now that I've tried this face wash out I'm definitely going to look more into what else they offer!

I've been really struggling with spots in the past six months. So, whilst I usually go for something for combi/normal skin, I've been leaning a little more towards combi/oily products recently. It honestly feels like my face thinks it's going through round two of puberty. Not. Okay. 

Anyhow, gel washes seem to be helping my skin a lot to keep on top of the excessive spot production. KIKO's Pure Clean Gel face wash has been my absolute saviour for the past couple of months. It works hard to even out your skin, making the oily parts less oily and the dry parts less dry. That's where the 'serum-balancing' part comes in, and I noticed such  a difference.

I'm a sucker for being too lazy to have a full-on skin care routine, and for being lax with my makeup removal. I know, I know, it's really bad, but it's something that I'm working on. For the mean time, this does a really good job at helping me out. I feel like I don't need to use a serum or toner on top of it #goodbyeskincareguilt and it's gentle enough to use twice a day. So, when evening time strolls around and I need to take my makeup off I can do it all in one hit whilst washing my face. This stuff gets rid of all my waterproof mascara, setting sprayed foundation and lip products easily. AND it's sensitive enough to use on my eyes. 

As an added bonus, it's a really affordable product, coming in at just under £8. I couldn't recommend this enough, and will definitely be repurchasing it asap.
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  1. this sounds incredible. I've never got anything from Kiko before, but I've always heard great things about the brand!


    1. It's so good - now that I've run out and tried a different gel face wash I feel like I NEED to repurchase this KIKO one! It's so much better

      Steph x

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