23 September 2017

Trying out LUSH's Soak and Float solid shampoo

Trying out LUSH's Soak and Float solid shampoo

Trying out LUSH's Soak and Float solid shampoo

Dandruff has been the absolute bane of my life for the past few months. It started off with a lil bit of scalp sunburn and never really recovered. Brill. I've been desperate to try anything and everything to help out with it (hmu with your suggestions) and have finally found that using this solid shampoo and a weekly coconut oil hair mask improves the situation, even if it doesn't totally get rid of it.

I've been trying to cut down on my plastic waste recently too, so for the past six months or so now I've only been using LUSH solid shampoos. Soak and Float is their one that targets dandruff, which is obvs what I really need. It's full of cade oil to nourish the scalp as well as marigold and rose petals to soothe redness. 

Those marigold and rose petals? Yes, they get in the way a little when you're trying to rinse your hair but oh my god they smell AMAZING. As in full on dreamy. Using this shampoo bar feels like an absolute treat because it makes my hair smell like some sort of goddess' locks after I use it. 

I won't lie, it hasn't had any sort of 'miracle' effect on my dandruff. But, it has made my scalp stop feeling tight and itchy, which is a massive win in my book. So, if you're suffering from dandruff I'd definitely recommend giving this a go to help treat your scalp. But, in terms of a complete remedy for it? I'm still on the hunt ....

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  1. along with soak & float you should give superbly from lush a go aswell! Its a scalp treatment, just use it once a week all over your scalp and you should see a difference :D xx

    1. Ooooh I haven't tried superbly, but my scalp is still in need of some more TLC so I'll have to pick it up soon!

      Steph x


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