12 March 2018

Review of 'Between the Lies' by Cathy MacPhail*

Review of 'Between the Lies' by Cathy MacPhail*

This year is the year that I'm DETERMINED to become the bookworm I was in my childhood. And two and a half months in, I can safely say that I really am doing this, and I love it. 

When Kelpies Edge, a Scottish publisher, got in touch and asked if I wanted to choose something new to read, Between the Lies caught my eye because wow the cover is striking. I love the hidden message between each word of the main title. I also hadn't realised until the book arrived that I'd actually read something by Cathy before - Roxy's Baby was one of the most memorable books I read as a teen, which made me even more excited to read Between the Lies

The book started off a little slow, but I am SO glad I battled through, because it gets beyond intense. I read the last two-thirds of it on a train journey this weekend and you better bet that I lost track of where/who I was on that trip because I was part of the book.

Between the Lies is all about a girl who goes missing. She's one of the 'it' girls at school, but she texts Abbie, someone with no friends, to tell her she's alive. Abbie soon campaigns for everyone to let Judith know that she's loved and missed and they can't wait for her to come home. 

But things get a little out of hand, and it soon becomes clear that there's more to Judith's disappearance, and more to Abbie's kindheartedness, than we may have thought. This book had so many unexpected twists in it for me, that I absolutely devoured it. It was a quick, thrilling YA read and now I want to go back and re-read Roxy's Baby!

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