2 April 2018

3 bloggers I've been loving recently

3 bloggers I've been loving recently - March 2018

The blogosphere has been absolutely filled with incredible content this month tbh. I've fallen in love again with blogs I haven't read in a long time, I've found so many new ones to read and I've spent a whole lot of time just reading posts again. Basically bloggers have been killing it in March IMO. 

My overall absolute fave this month has to be Issybellefox. Not only are her twitter and Instagram stories giving me life with postpartum realness, but her birth story post may have been the best one I've ever read (and I've somehow read a disturbing amount for someone that's not looking to have kids for a little while). She doesn't gloss over the gross parts, or pretend that it was something it's not: it made me laugh and feel full on emotional, and it also helps that baby Freddie is v cute.

Next up is Julia from The Sunday Mode, who is one of the most supportive bloggers I've been lucky to get in touch with. Her post on why guilt should never be associated with food absolutely hit the nail on the head with what is really wrong with the diet industry. It's something that I've only ever really heard Grace Victory talk about before (who's also v fab), and I'm so glad Julia's spoken out about it too, because her posts are always well written and beaut.

And finally I've been absolutely obsessing over Saira's blog Saira Says. I've been loving following her pregnancy journey over the past few months and I can't wait to see Baby Shah. Her Instagram is probably my fave account on the platform at the moment, and I've been living for all the dreamy photos from her Bath & Body Works haul. You can bet I've been living vicariously through it, and now all I really want in my life is some warm vanilla sugar shower gel. Nom. 

Who's blog have you been obsessing over this month? 

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