6 April 2018

Decluttering my home before moving: tips and tricks

Decluttering my home before moving: tips and tricks

Decluttering things is a massive ballache isn't it? It wounds my fragile little heart to say goodbye to things I've picked up on a whim, or have been hoarding for years and never used. But, with exactly three weeks to go before moving house I need to get my butt in gear. This post was meant to go up a few weeks ago, and whilst I've made a start on the whole declutter, I've not got anywhere near as far as I want to. So, this is a 'kick me up the butt' kinda post, as well as some tips on how and what and when to declutter.

Do it room by room, and within that section by section. Things feel so much more productive, and it's so much easier to remember exactly what you've done, when you section things off. We've done the bathroom, kitchen and living room now, and it's the dining room's turn tomorrow (unless I completely procrastinate doing it ... again). It also means that you don't end up with tonnes of stuff that you need to get rid of littering every room. Once it's done, you can pile everything up in one spot and move on to the next space.

Be ethical. If something's in good nick but you just don't need it,then take it to a charity shop. I'm talking books, DVDs, clothes, shoes, bags, crockery, knick knacks, furniture, everything. If the charity shop can't sell it, they'll be able to get rid of it, but it's worth a shot. Also, recycle as much as you can, and if you need to take a trip to the dump make sure you separate everything before you get there because you can recycle a whole lot more than you can at home.

Start decluttering a few weeks before you need to move, and don't do it at the same time as packing (unless you're into that ). Packing is the most hateful thing about moving (okay, okay, apart from those estate agent fees that you pay for them to then do nothing *sips tea*), and it's made so much worse if you have to sort through everything whilst you pack. Plus, if you start a few weeks before 1.) you can gauge how much stuff you actually own and are keeping and 2.) you won't end up in the FFS my bin is full and now we're living surrounded by our own rubbish situation.

Be reasonable with yourself. Don't get rid of your favourite cushion because it takes up too much space, or go absolutely OTT and get rid of as much as you possibly can because it's panic time. I do this a LOT and it's all good until two months later you've found the perf place to put that cushion and you have so many regrets about getting rid of it. On the other end of the spectrum, there's a whole lot of stuff we all own that we're never going to wear or pick up or use again.

Keep your mental health a number one priority. Decluttering can be really overwhelming. It forces you to think about everything you own and value it. When you find owning certain things comforting, decluttering can be absolutely the last thing you want to do. Take care of yourself, and if you're not ready to part with anything, then don't.

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  1. I hope your decluttering goes well. I hate decluttering and parting with things!


    1. I hope it does too, it's so hard to get rid of things!

      Steph x

  2. I LIVE for de-cluttering! Good luck with your move lovely!!

  3. I love a good declutter, but I can imagine in a moving house situation it would be quite stressful! Great tips - I'm so guilty of going a bit declutter mad and throwing away loads of shit that actually I probably should have kept! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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