13 April 2018

Five year goals

Five year goals

It's hella scary to think that in five years' time I'll be 28 because that is officially well into ~adulthood~ and I'm meant to have my life in order by then (but then again, 18-year-old me probably thought that the same would be true for now). Earlier this week I wrote a really personal post all about my fears for the future, and whilst it's so important to acknowledge that we're all a bit scared about what the future might include, I think it's important to remember that it's exciting too.

1.) Own a brand new car. I want to have passed my driving test within the next six months, and be insured on a car (most likely my boyfriend's, if we can agree to share!), within the next year. Within the next eighteen months I want to own my own second hand car, and then by the end of the five years have saved enough for a shiny new car!

2.) Have a family. This doesn't necessarily mean having children, because I'm still not sure I'd like to do that within the next five years. But within the next couple of years I'd love to have my very own cat to extend our little pet family. I also want to be in a really strong place in my relationship, and maybe even the big ol' M-word.

3.) Own a house. This is a big one. Within the next two years I want to pay off all the money I've borrowed from my parents and partner over the years, and officially become financially independent. Ideally within the next 4 years me and my partner will have saved enough money for a deposit for a house, and then there's just the time that it'll take to find a place we both love.

4.) Get a promotion, or two. I would love to get promoted two or three times in the next five years, to be at a position where I'm genuinely making a big difference in the company I work for. I love my job and I work hard at it, so this is something that would make my heart happy. The industry I work in is tough, and in a small company promotions are hard to come by, but five years is a long time to keep working at it.

5.) Earn part of my income from my blog and Youtube. This blog is my passion. It's what I come home thinking about every day after work, and it's one of my first thoughts in the morning. I've loved expanding into making Youtube videos and exploring a new way to be creative. In the next year I want to take on 3 sponsored pieces of work, for either platform, and expand each year until I can earn half of my current income as additional money through my blog. 

6.) Tick 5 places off of my 'big' travel bucket list. You know the ones - the dreamy destinations that you're always too poor AF to consider? I'd love to go to New York, Bali, the Maldives, Iceland, and a whole lot of other places that I can't afford right now. 

7.) Look after my own emotional and spiritual needs. In a year's time I would love to not be taking anti-depressants at all. I've gradually cut down on them, but I'm not pushing things to a point where I'm unsafe, and I won't be doing so in the future. I want to start engaging with the spiritual side of my life; practising yoga regularly, learning about the benefits of essential oils, have a home that soothes me and maybe even attend mass on the odd occasion. 

What are your five year goals?

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  1. In 5 years I'll be 26... that's so old, lol. I don't even know where I'll be next year so it's hard to think about 5 years from now!
    I guess I hope I've got a Master's degree, because that'd be really nice. And maybe also enjoy drinking coffee because I think that would be really useful.

    - Iona

  2. Great goals - but you've thoroughly depressed me with a) your current age and b) the fact you think you'll have your shit together by the time you're 28 because I turn 28 in September and let me tell you, I do not have my shit together! Haha. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  3. these are really great goals. I wish you the best of luck with them x


  4. These all sound like great goals! I'm useless at making goals anywhere more than a few months in the future - but I just hope to be happy and doing lots of travels! x

  5. It's so so brilliant that you're looking after your mental health and that you've set goals for that as well. I've definitely gotten into the spiritual side of things and eastern medicinal things for calming anxiety etc as opposed to western, and it's really helped me :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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