5 April 2018

Little things that make me happy

Little things that make me happy
Life feels a bit overwhelming at the moment. From moving house, to having a driving test booked in for less than two weeks' time(!), the adulting is real right now. So, I'm scaling things back to think about all the tiny things that bring a smile to my face, or stop the tears, or just make me feel a little more content. Sometimes it's so easy to overlook all these little things, so this is a reminder to me and to you that there are so many things out there that can make your heart a little happier.

From fresh baked brownies
to taking your bra off at the end of the day (home is where the bra isn't)
to ordering your favourite takeout
to starting a new book that turns out to be fab
to reading the last page on a book that has you gasping for more
to binge watching your fave Netflix show all day
to foot cream and bed socks
to a steamy bath that makes you resemble a lobster
to that first mouthful of cold water on a hot day
to the first Spring day
to crunchy leaves underfoot
to wearing sunnies and feeling v cool
to your lucky socks
to writing on your own corner of the internet
to taking photos you love
to putting that last piece in a jigsaw
to cracking a crossword
to creating a dreamy bullet journal spread
to making a dinner that fills the house with the smell of good food
to fresh sheets on the bed
to fresh washing on the line
to having flowers in the house
to booking a day off work if you need to
to catching up on life admin
to making something ~vaguely~ pinterest worthy
to lighting candles
to rearranging book shelves
to messaging an old, or new, friend
to finding an old top you love but thought you'd lost
to your favourite PJs 
to naps, 
there's something in every day to make me feel a little bit better if I remember to look for it.
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  1. this was a lovely post. its always good to write down positive things and its something I need to do more. good luck on your driving test!


    1. It really is, it reminded me of all the things that genuinely do make me smile. Thank you!

      Steph x

  2. Aww, what a wonderful, lovely post! A great inspiration to seek the good in everyday, because there's always something, not matter how small. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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