28 May 2018

40 ways to practise self-care

40 ways to practise self-care

Self-care is a word that comes with a whole lot of baggage at the moment IMO, but most of us aren't 'completely fine' and need self-care to help with that. Self-care is so varied and something we all should engage in, whether or not we feel as though we're struggling with our mental health right now. I've got a whole post on 'what counts as self care' that went up last week, and this is sort of a part 2. So, here's a big ol' collection of ways to practise self-care. 

1.) Make your bed. Plump your pillows up, smooth out the duvet, and put that pesky sheet corner that always pops off right back on.

2.) Make yourself your favourite snack. Mine's nachos, or melted chocolate and strawberries *drools*.

3.) Do some yoga. Stretch and feel all the contours of your body; love them.

4.) Make a big ol' hot chocolate, and smother it in whipped cream. If that's not your jam, then make a steamy coffee, tea or herbal tea, mmm.

5.) Cosy up under a blanket, in your fave PJs and have a good nap. Allow yourself to rest.

6.) Have a cry, let it out and then work on what you need to do next.

7.) Cleanse your skin and do a face mask. 

8.) Have a long steamy shower, exfoliate and get yo legs all smooth.

9.) Cook a new recipe that you've wanted to try for ages but cba.

10.) Bake something you made as a child.

11.) Do a puzzle.

12.) Go for a long walk, or a jog. Plug your earphones in and switch off from life.

13.) Stroke a doggo (the ultimate form of self care tbh).

14.) Make a duvet fort in the living room, and leave it up for as long as you want.

15.) Get a pal over and watch your favourite ever film. Eat copious amounts of popcorn.

16.) Read *that* intimidating book you've been putting off forever (mine's Game of Thrones).

17.) Order your favourite takeout.

18.) Tidy your house. Put everything away you've mean *meaning* to sort out for weeks but keep ignoring. Everything seems a little better in a tidier house.

19.) Watch Netflix until it asks if you're still watching. Continue to watch.

20.) Do all the life admin that's been looming over your head that you're ignoring. Call the doctors, make that dentists appointment, file all the important mail that's piling up. Get it all done in one fell swoop.

21.) Take care of your body; go to the doctors/dentists if you're in pain. Love yourself enough to take the time to seek care.

22.) Take yourself away from toxic people. It can be hard to remove them from your life, but removing yourself from the situation at least is something that is vital.

23.) Get in touch with a pal. Ask them how they are and let them know if you're struggling. Reach out.

24.) Blast your favourite music and dance/sing around the house.

25.) Do something creative. Write some fiction, paint, draw, colour, sew.

26.) Get all dressed up and go out for a meal. Feel good about yourself.

27.) Internet shopping (but not to the point of sending yourself into a whirlwind of THERE GOES MY BILL MONEY).

28.) Take your bra off as soon as you get in from work. Let those titties be free.

29.) Drink water, keep yourself hydrated.

30.) Use sun cream in the summer. Sometimes self care is literally just looking after yourself.

31.) Have a bath smothered in bubbles, that makes you smell like some kind of angelic fairy when you get out.

32.) Moisturise your skin.

33.) Revise for exams, do uni work, do your school work; study.

34.) Read some poetry, find something that resonates with you.

35.) Wash your bed sheets, the throws you keep around your house, your blankets. Make the whole house smell fresh and beautiful. 

36.) Use some hand cream. Spend a while working out the knots and tensions in your hands.

37.) Paint those nails, or go and get your gels on, treat yo self.

38.) Book a day's holiday off work if you're feeling low. Allow yourself some time out.

39.) Pack your favourite lunch for work (and then feel smug about it all day).

40.) Light candles all around the house, make it cosy.

I hope there's some ideas in here that help! Self care is simply about looking after and loving ourselves. It can be hard at times to think of it as a daily necessity, but it really is.

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  1. Some really good ones here Steph, imma keep this for a rainy day. ✨Marbl☾☽Moon

    1. Thank you! I really hope it's helpful for you

      Steph x

  2. these are all really great ideas and I definitely need to do some. thank you for sharing x


    1. Thank you! I'm glad you think they're useful

      Steph x

  3. Free those titties! Haha. If I haven't taken my bra off within 5 mins of getting in the door, then something is really wrong tbh D: :D Lol. Love this post - some great ideas! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. The titties need to be free haha, especially in this heatwave (fan the titties aha)

      Steph x


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