14 July 2018

Getting fresh with summer scents from Korres*

Getting fresh with summer scents from Korres*

July so far has been a month of perpetual sweat and sighs of 'oh god it's hot in here isn't it?!'. We're still in the middle of this never-ending heatwave also known as a disturbingly hot British summer. Showering has become one of the only blissful parts of the day, apart from that odd waft of breeze that cools the sweat on the back of your neck (tasty).

Korres are one of my favourite skin care brands, and I feel so lucky to get to try out a fab range of their products. Although I'm a winter kinda girl at heart, even I need to admit that heavy lavender or freshly baked cookie scents aren't what I need right now. 

Getting fresh with summer scents from Korres*

The ginger and lime shower gel* is just an absolute necessity for me in the mornings before work. In our new house there are so (so) many birds that start tweeting way before the alarm buzzes, and our curtains filter out about ten percent of the light. So once I drag my sorry, sleepy butt into the shower I need something that will wipe away the sleepiness clawing at my day. This is fresh and zingy but manages to do so without being too OTT with the citrus. The dream.

The bergamot jasmine shower gel* is completely at the other end of the spectrum for scents: it's floral and gentle with a hint of sweetness. Just pipping the post as my favourite of the two, this is my go-to for a pre-bed shower when I'm wanting to wind down a little and just smell like I haven't been sat at my desk in a pool of my own sweat all day.

Getting fresh with summer scents from Korres*

And finally this bergamot jasmine body milk* has been keeping my skin in such good condition all summer. I use it most mornings (save those days where, let's face it, the monday vibes are real and I'm not up for any extra effort). Again, it just makes me smell fresh and clean, which is exactly what I want this summer.

I've got quite sensitive skin, and all three are super gentle, meaning that they don't irritate it at all. I'm so glad to have some summery skin care to keep me going until Autumn settles in.

*Although items in this post were gifted to me for the purpose of a review, all thoughts and words are my own*

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