30 July 2018

Getting my life in order with a bullet journal habit tracker

Getting my life in order with a bullet journal habit tracker - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

Bullet journals are something I can spend hours obsessing over on Pinterest, Instagram, and well the entire Internet really. I'm a sucker for a good double page spread. Now, I spend a bit of time most evenings pouring my heart into my bujo, and having a habit tracker is something I'd been meaning to set up since February. Naturally June was month one.

Getting my life in order with a bullet journal habit tracker - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

I really struggle with how forgetful I can be. There's so much I want to do more often, and I kept getting to the end of a month and realising I'd gone another month without doing it. So, I spent quite a while collating a list of everything I wanted to keep a track of so that when I created this spread I'd have everything I needed on it. For reference, on my habit tracker is:
- Shower
- Bath
- Hair washed
- Hair mask
- Face mask
- Exfoliated
- Duolingo 
- Finished a book
- Cleaned pets
- Wrote blog post
- Date night
- Replied to blog comments
- Posted on Youtube
- Commented on blogs
- Exercised 
- Period
- Posted book review
- Ate 5+ fruit and veg
- Ate out
- Yoga
- Took blog photos 
- Sold a book
- Art journaling

Some of these are so useful to have just to keep an eye on where things are at. Knowing when I last washed my hair, or last did a face mask means that I don't have to memorise what day I did those things on. In a similar way, keeping track of my period each month means I can see exactly how regular I am, and how long each one lasts for. 

Other bits are there because I want to get into the habit of doing them every day. Duolingo is something that I've completely got back into the habit of doing again because of this, and I've only missed two days in July so far! I'm working on doing art journalling more frequently, as I've not quite got on top of it again, but I'm hoping that August is going to be my month for this. 

In the CBT course I did a couple of years ago, we spent a lot of time working on the idea of making lists, and focusing on every day achievements. When my mental health starts going downhill, all of my normal routines start getting out of whack: I start showering less regularly, washing my hair less regularly, and avoid engaging in self care. My habit tracker shows me with one glance where I'm struggling most in a month, and that things get back on track again. It's a reminder that's sometimes very needed.

This is something that's absolutely going to be a permanent fixture in my bullet journal for each month, and I can't wait to (hopefully) fill in more and more for each day as the months go by.

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Getting my life in order with a bullet journal habit tracker - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk


  1. I sadly gave up with my BuJo in May this year - it was getting too time consuming to keep drawing things out for me! I love this tracker though - I had one similar, but it was only for a few things. I never thought to make it bigger on the pages to accommodate more things! :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Oh no! It does take a lot of time - I usually sit down with mine whilst watching TV in the evening, and even then I seem to get a bit behind sometimes, but I love it!

      Steph x


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