6 August 2018

Affordable base makeup from No7

Affordable base makeup from No7 - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk
No7 is definitely a brand that I completely looked over until a couple of years ago. I just feel as though they don't aim themselves at a young demographic, and the brand's always had an air of 'this is what my Grandma would use'. Except it's actually incredible??? I'm fully ready to embrace my inner Grandma on any given occasion, so it's not a surprise that this is no different.

I'd love to see No7 rise up in the ranks and become one of *the* drug store brands to go for, because they have some high quality products that I'm repurchasing all the damn time. 
Affordable base makeup from No7 - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk
The beautifully matte foundation (£15.00) has been my go-to for well over a year now. You can get super quick skin tests at the No7 stand to see which shade matches you best, and it's the most accurate match I've found. I'm Calico, which is the second lightest. The shade range on this is pretty disappointing if I'm honest, and I'm so hoping that they get their act together and add more darker shades for this particular foundation soon. Some of the other varieties from No7 have your back a lot more with over double the range that this has, so it can't be that hard to expand this one?!
Affordable base makeup from No7 - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk
The airbrush away primer (£16.50) is the best primer I've ever used. It's a tricky one to describe, but effectively feels as though it smooths my face over. I've got some quite visible pores, and this sinks into them, to make them flatter against my skin so that my foundation glides on more smoothly. It means that as the hours go on my foundation isn't stuck in my pores whilst the rest has started to rub off. 

Both products are hypo-allergenic and designed to be breathable. As I've got such sensitive skin this is a must, and I never feel irritated by either products, or suffer with excessive redness from them.

These are my ride or die base products that I'll wear when I want to feel confident and completely put together, and I know that when this pair runs out I'll for sure be repurchasing.

What would you recommend as a go-to affordable base product?
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