9 August 2018

Summer bucket list

Summer bucket list - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

Summer is not a time where I shine. I'm sweaty, grumpy and honestly it ruins the main joy in my life: sleep. But, I'm working on embracing things, even if they bring me discomfort, so whilst I'm waiting around for the season of chunky knits and cosy nights in to rock around, here's a few things I want to get done this summer:

Summer bucket list - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

- Eat a Mr. Whippy. I've totally nailed this one already, but it doesn't mean I can't do it again, right?! Although, after being on an absolute MISSION to find a Mr Whippy van for weeks, I'm starting to realise it's not as easy as I thought. I'm sure they were everywhere throughout my childhood?? Maybe I've just lost my ability to hunt them down.

- Go to the beach. This is another one that I managed to do whilst down in Devon recently. I'm not a huge fan of the sea or sand, so beating my anxiety to head on to the beach is a BIG achievement. And I ??sort of?? enjoyed reading on the beach in the shade.

- Picnic in the park. Indoor picnics are where it's at for my hay fever ridden self, but my boyfriend and I were gifted a picnic blanket, cool bag and all the accompaniments as a house warming present a few months ago, so we really need to put them to good use at least once, right?

- Weed the garden. As it turns out, weeds grow back and you need to re-weed stuff? This is phase one of my 'sorting out the garden' summer agenda. 

- Go on a road trip. I did this one yesterday with my sister and it was the BEST day. We drove to Leamington where we used to live, ate our fave takeout and had a mooch around crying 'oooooh that's new' like a pair of elderly ladies. The dream. I want to get a few more of these in this summer, and maybe even drive the whole way on one of them myself.

- Go to a pick-your-own. Strawberry picking is something that holds positive memories of childhood for me. I love heading down on a quiet day and spending time peering through the leaves to get the best ones. Such a pure and simple joy.

- Wear a swimsuit. I've gained a lot of new stretch marks over the last year, and whilst I'm working hard on being body positive, I'm feeling v apprehensive about stepping into a swimsuit. I'm scared that I've put so much weight on it won't fit, and I'm scared of people making vile comments. BUT, I'm determined to get out there in one this year.

- Plant the garden. This is phase two. Our garden is mostly concrete, however it does have a flower bed around the edge. I ripped up most of the weeds/dead plants in it a few months ago, so after I've finished de-weeding again I'm going to be replanting the whole thing. I've got two new plants there at the moment and they seem to be thriving now that I've got the hang of actually remembering to water them.

- Eat outside. I hate wasps, I have hayfever, and I'm a fan of comfort over anything: eating outside is not something that comes naturally. Whilst it's hot I'm going to try to have one evening meal out in the warm air to push my way out of my comfort zone and enjoy the weather whilst it lasts.

What's on your summer bucket list?

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Summer bucket list - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

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