30 September 2018

I am not a sum

I am not a sum - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

I am not the weight on the scales,

or the width of the tape measure, 

or the size of my feet,

or the length of my hair.

I am not the number on my paycheck

or the amount of scars on my skin,

or the grades that I've gathered,

or the digits of an admin code.

I am not the strength of my glasses,

or the number of tablets I need, 

or the piercings in my skin, 

or the number of times I've cried.

I am not a sum,

and neither are you.

We are all the tiny variations in strands of colour in our hair,

and the way we smile at a joke,

and the unique hue of our eyes,

and the memories of those we've lost.

We are the collection of all the books we've ever read,

and lines from our favourite songs,

and the movies that we can't help but cry to,

and the way we dance when we're happy.

We are the jokes that we make, 

and the weight of our traumas, 

and the nights that we've struggled,

and the days we've overflowed with joy.

We are an amalgamation of every look, 

and every touch

and every thought

and we could never be reduced to a sum.

*This is my first ever poetry I've shared on here (and the first piece I've written since I was at school!), so please be kind.* 

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  1. Simply beautiful! Everyone needs to see this, read this and believe this. Thank you.


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