27 October 2018

The Tale of Bella and Lord Geastly part four

The Tale of Bella and Lord Geastly part four - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

Here's the final part of the tale of Bella and Lord Geastly! Read part one here, part two here and part three here.

As it grows dark, Fifi collects up the few things she’s brought with her. Today’s the most terrifying day of her life, but she’s going to finally see Bella face to face, and everything will be worth it once they’re together. Pulling her hair up the way she knows Lumi likes it, Fifi makes her way to his room, determined to dupe the man that betrayed everything she once believed in. 

Lumi opens the door, rubbing sleep from his eyes as he takes in Fifi’s short nightdress and casts a lingering gaze over her face. Fifi pushes the door open further and makes her way into his room, easing it shut behind her.

‘Lumi, I’m so sorry for ending things, I made a mistake. I miss you, can we try again, just for one night?’ 

Finally seeing an opportunity to work out his frustrations from the past few months, Lumi starts nodding and making his way towards her.

‘But wait, if we’re going to do this again, let’s do it right this time’ says Fifi, showing him the bottle of bubbly she had stashed behind her back. ‘I know it’s your favourite’. She pours a glass for them both, and Lumi draws Fifi on to the sofa with him. Taking a long draught of wine, Lumi begins to make his advances.

Fifi knows they can’t last long, and waits for him to start becoming sleepy, guiding him to bed as the wine takes its effect. She knew he would never be able to resist his old flame, and now she’s free to remove the key to set her new love free.

Slyly making her way to Bella’s room, Fifi unlocks the door and drags the heavy bolt away, making sure to do it slowly enough so that no one hears. At last the pair are united, and after a long embrace, they start to make their way out of the maze that is Lord Geastly’s mansion. 

Meanwhile, Maureen and Gustave are leading the enraged villagers up to the castle. 

‘Down with the beast’ they cry, as they trample their way across his carefully manicured lawns, setting off his alarms as they go. Spying them from his window, Lord Geastly get his servants to barricade the house, and protect it at all costs. Things aren’t so easy in a manor of this size though, and the brute force of the protesters against his front door begins to have an impact. Lord Geastly retreats, realising that the swarm will enter his home, and wanting his servants to be the casualties in the first line of attack from the demonstrators.

Gustave is first to enter, roaring ‘SHOW ME THE DAMN BEAST. WHAT HAS HE DONE TO MY BELLA?!’. Maureen knows it was risky to seek help from Gaston: Bella’s never loved him, they’re simply not compatible, but there was no one else to turn to.
Racing up the stairs, Gustave catches a glimpse of Bella and Fifi, arms around each other, terrified at the uproar.

‘Sweet Bella, my love, it’s okay, I’m here now to save you’. Turning to Fifi, he spits ‘get your hands off of her you filthy slut, and go join your comrades downstairs’. 

‘How DARE you talk to her like that’, Bella cries, drawing herself up to almost Gustave’s height. ‘Fifi has been my only friend in here, and I am NOT YOUR LOVE’. Taking Fifi’s hand, Bella moves down the corridor, away from the uproar to find a new way to leave the castle. 

Gustave sees his one last opportunity: if he kills Lord Beastly, maybe Bella will finally realise what a nice guy he is, and come around to the idea of being with him: she will owe him her freedom after all. Hunting for Lord Geastly, Gustave finds him, face down on the floor of the master bedroom. Getting closer and closer, Gustave realises that Geastly’s tripped and smashed his head on the marble vanity dresser opposite his bed. Gustave knew deep down that he could never kill another man, even to secure Bella as his lover, but he sees his opportunity: no one has to know that he didn’t kill Geastly, especially if the body’s a little worse for wear. 
Opening the upper floor window of the master room of the mansion, Gustave pushes Lord Geastly into the air beyond that he so viciously kept his servants from. With a loud thud, Geastly hits the ground, never to return to his home again. 

‘Bella, are you okay?!’ cries Fifi. 'We need to get as far away from here as possible, but there’s no other way out from here, we must turn back’. Racing along the corridor together, the met are met once more with Gustave.

‘Bella, my sweet, I’ve done it: Lord Geastly is gone. I’ve done it for you’. 

Pushing him away in horror, all Bella can think about is how much she wants to get away from this disgusting man, and finally be alone with Fifi. Gustave has other ideas however: moving closer to Bella, he strokes her jawline,

‘I knew you always loved me deep down Bella, and now I’ve done this for you, we can be together’.

‘We will never be together Gaston you idiot. I could never love you, no matter what you did, or how much of a ‘nice guy’ you are. It’s not going to happen’.

With this, Bella and Fifi join hands and make one final run at it, this time knowing that they’re going to leave the manor and their bitter pasts behind them forever. 

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