17 November 2018

A belated October favourites and life update

A belated October favourites and life update - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

I know it's mid-way through November, but this month hasn't gotten off to the best start. I've felt so flat and tired and sad and just not up to blogging or photo taking or life. I'm not going to launch into a whole explanation of why or what's going on too much, as that's a story for next month's roundup, but I thought it deserved at least being addressed. 

October was a bit of a weird one. I made so many great memories with my sister as she moved in with me on what was going to be a permanent basis, but after a few weeks she moved back to her home town on the last day of the month. I had so much fun with her in the mean time: we did face masks, hair masks, carved Jack and Sally pumpkins, did some Halloween baking, hinched basically everywhere and just caught up on so much. But, it was all tinged with sadness for the last few days of the month. 

I went to the opening of the new Urban Outfitters in my town, which I am SO excited about, and the big John Lewis opened too, so naturally I went and inspected every single bauble. I started to fall back in love with my blog and the season (only to stop posting this month), and work was still incredibly busy, which was great.

A belated October favourites and life update - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

A belated October favourites and life update - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk


It's been getting pretty cold, and I cracked out the whipped cream and hot chocolates last month. Honestly, breaking up a flake on/in your hot chocolate is a life changing tip, and the drink is the most comforting thing to do when you've had a rough day. Paired with cosy bedsocks like my bunny ones in the top picture, you've got a dream situation to be honest.

The best book I read last month was also mostly because of the cosy vibes. Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell is a 19th Century novel (my fave genre) all about a society of spinsters who are absolutely owning a man-free society. The book defies the idea that women 'left on the shelf' are miserable beings who spend their whole life looking for a man, and it's a great critique on society written in the 1850s. 

In terms of TV, we started watching the US office last month and I am OBSESSED. I wish I was the Jim of my work, but I'm definitely somewhere between Dwight and Kelly (weirdly I love where I work). Each episode I seem to get a new favourite, but Creed, Stanley and Dwight are up there. Oh and I have a massive crush on Jim of course. 

A belated October favourites and life update - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

A belated October favourites and life update - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk


It turns out that what my unruly brows have needed all my life is a good pencil. I've tried pomades, waxes, powders, even brow mascara once (not a fan at all). But this NYX micro brow pencil is where it's at for me. I've now got natural looking brows that I can build up, and the spoolie on the end makes it so much easier for me to get the hairs in line before I start. 

My final favourite is The Body Shop's silky camomile cleansing oil. I've been looking for a good cleanser that takes your makeup off, whilst being good as a face wash and you can use on your eyes for a while now. Honestly it's harder than I ever thought it would be?! This stuff is incredible though. It's great for my sensitive skin, doesn't make me oily but also stops my skin from drying out too much (the best if you have combi skin too) and it smells fab. I've been using this every day for over a month now and the difference in the number of spots I get is remarkable. Love love love.

And that's it! What were you loving during October? I'm already excited to share next month's faves with you!

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  1. Ooh, that cleanser sounds fab. I need to re-stock my Body Shop tea tree oil, so I'll have a look when I'm in!

    And... I'm sorry it's been a bit of a weird month so far. Hope those cosy hot chocolates are helping. My stepmum got me some chocolate cake decorations (little chocolate strands and chunks etc) and I like to sprinkle them over my hot chocolates. Or dried coconut. Or caramel ice cream sauce. Really, whatever I can find in the cupboard tbh. Good hot chocolate is an art.

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. It is so good (and I'm still only about a third of the way through the bottle even with using it most days!). Ooooh I really need to make myself a fancy hot chocolate now!

      Steph x


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