10 December 2018

3 cheesy Netflix Christmas movies to get you in the festive spirit

3 cheesy Netflix Christmas movies to get you in the festive spirit

It's my favourite time of the year, but I've been silent on here for almost a month now. I've been soaking up all the festive feels, giving myself time to just be me and I started my Christmas shopping (please tell me others aren't anywhere near finished either?!). 

Anyway, today I'm sharing three great Christmas films on Netflix to get you in the festive spirit. These are full on cheese 'so-bad-they're-good(ish)' movies that are perfect to pop on when you're writing last minute cards. I've also definitely not got that sorted yet, but one day my cards will be prompt and sent to all the right addresses. We can hope.

1.) The Christmas Prince
From 'classic' lines like 'where there's a tiara, there's dirt', this has some of the cringiest lines, theming, plot, decor you've ever seen. But that's kind of Christmas in a nutshell. It's got a cute storyline, some genuinely funny moments, and it's a nice gentle watch when you need to wind down from the stresses of the season. This is the ultimate cheese-fest.

2.) The Princess Switch
Second highest on the list is The Princess Switch, in which the two main characters are played by Vanessa Hudgens. It's basically a Christmas 'The Parent Trap' but where the girls are adults and they use their switch to fool the main men in their lives. Mwhahah. This is cute, and something I'd definitely watch again.

3.) The Holiday Calendar
This is the one with the least amount of cheese, but my favourite new Christmas film this year. It's all about a magic advent calendar, the main character is Bonnie from Vampire Diaries and the main guy is so sweet that I think I love him a little? If there's one Christmas film on Netflix you watch this year, make it this!

I'm feeling super festive tonight (can you tell?!). The tree's up, fairy lights are covering about every surface in our living room and I'm in penguin-y PJs eating a chocolate orange. The dream!

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  1. The Christmas Prince was seriously cringe and involved some very questionable journalism but I loved it all the same too! The Princess Switch was just too much though haha, my flatmate and I couldn't help but criticise it the entire way through, all the bad acting and unbelievably predictable plot. I know that's the idea of it but I just could not get into it! The Holiday Calendar is next on my list though, for sure.

    Holly | The Writing Finch

  2. It was terrible ha, but so terrible it was good! The Holiday Calendar was definitely the best out of the three!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk


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