30 December 2019

10 sustainable changes I've made this year (and 10 to make in 2020!)

10 sustainable changes I've made this year (and 10 to make in 2020!)

I've always liked to consider myself as someone who's quite eco-friendly, or at least eco-conscious, but as 2018 progressed I really realised that there was a LOT I was doing wrong, and so much I really could change quite easily. So, I decided that this year would be the one where I'd get my act together a lot more and actually try to implement ways to create less waste, or reduce my usage of certain things to a much more reasonable level.

28 December 2019

My dwarf hamster has diabetes??

A grey dwarf hamster sat on the edge of a bowl of hamster food
I've spent a while thinking about what to title this - dwarf hamsters and diabetes? How to spot if a dwarf hamster has diabetes? How we're treating our hamster with diabetes? But I think this pretty accurately sums up how confused and lost I was about the whole thing.

15 December 2019

November reading wrap-up (finally!)

November reading wrap-up - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

December has really run away with itself, hasn't it?! I've not written a word for my blog (until now), I've wrapped zero presents and I only managed to get my cards posted towards the end of last week. It has felt like a whirlwind of a chaotic month so far, but I'm finally sort of feeling like I have a little breathing room (or at least, I will be feeling like that until I start wrapping and remember how much I hate getting it done!).