11 April 2020

Everything I want to do post-lockdown

A plate of chocolate cookies next to a candle

Wow, when was the last time I wrote a list post like this? I mean, not *quite* like this, for obvious reasons, but it feels like years. I'm reached that point in lockdown where I'm almost at five weeks inside (I started a week earlier as my partner and I had coughs) and honestly? I'm bored of everything inside our house, although I totally realise how privileged it is to have a home and not be alone right now. So I'm going to wallow a little and try to think of all the things I really want to do in a post-lockdown world that I'm hoping will still be vaguely recognisable as the place it was pre-lockdown.

1.) Visit my sister - take a weekend or a day and spend time together

2.) Book a holiday. I booked by first summer holiday in YEARS at the start of this year for May, which we've now cancelled.

3.) Buy a switch. Honestly, if this has taught me one thing it's that I need the maximum entertainment possible indoors.

4.) Eat chili squid at wagamamas.

5.) Go foodshopping together with my boyfriend and not feel scared.

6.) Have a pint in a pub with friends.

7.) Host a dinner and board games night.

8.) Buy a whole bunch of jigsaws so that I may never run out again.

9.) Take all the stuff I'll at *some* point in lockdown clear out to a charity shop.

10.) Visit local businesses and try to think more about where I shop/who needs this money the most.

11.) Go swimming.

12.) Get a hair cut (and maybe switch up the colour).

13.) Go out on a cinema and meal date night.

14.) Have a city break somewhere new.

15.) Go to a drive through KFC.

16.) Have an indoor picnic/film night with my sister.

17.) Get my nails done.

18.) Get a new baby hamster, and obsess over it forever.

19.) Get all dressed up and go for a fancy dinner with my sister and our partners.

20.) Visit family.

21.) See my best pal and eat sushi together.

22.) Actually visit old friends, like I always say I will do at some point.

23.) Drive my car again.

24.) Be able to do something spontaneous.

I'm basically clinging to this list at this point in lockdown and hope that in a few months I might be able to start doing some of these. What would be on your list?

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  1. Like you, the first thing I want to do is visit family, my daughter in my case. Oddly enough, the country started locking down right when she was due for a visit (March 12th). I hope you get to do all those things, and that you get to do them sooner than later.

    1. Oh that's so frustrating - I hope you get to see her soon!

      Steph x

  2. I hope you get to do these after lockdown. Hope you're well!


    1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed - I didn't realise how many little things I'd miss!

      Steph x


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