30 May 2020

30 goals I want to reach before turning 30

Yellow happy birthday card in front of a snake plant

I'm going to level with you: this was a post I intended to write last June after turning 25 (you can see my 25 before 25 here), but I never got around to it. However with my 26th birthday looming this week, I thought it was just about time to talk about the things I want to achieve over the next four years. At the moment, 30 seems like a lifetime away: it sounds so adult whilst I'm still making constant dumb life decisions.

Here's 30 things I'm hoping to cross off; some are big goals, some are small, but they're all things I'd really love or need to do:

1.) Save enough money for a house deposit

2.) Learn to knit

3.) Learn Spanish to a high level

4.) Read everything on my shelves that is there right now

5.) Read a Tolstoy book

6.) Take a holiday with my sister

7.) Visit a European continent Christmas market

8.) Update and refresh my work wardrobe

9.) Get a promotion at work

10.) Donate to charity regularly

11.) Wear a bikini and feel confident in it

12.) Get a new sofa

13.) Start wearing SPF regularly

14.) Learn to embroider

15.) Visit a US state I haven't been to before

16.) Go back to Amsterdam

17.) Deep clean and declutter the whole house

18.) Use eco-friendly period products

19.) Have a garden I'm proud of

20.) Stay off antidepressants

21.) Put money in my savings every month

22.) Read more diverse books

23.) Keep a regular yoga and/or exercise routine

24.) Grow my hair out long

25.) Read 5 non-fiction books a year

26.) Take a spontaneous trip

27.) Buy good quality bedding

28.) Get a professional massage

29.) Own a dishwasher

30.) Have a cat and/or guinea pigs

What would your goals be?

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  1. Knitting is super easy once you start off, it's something I quite enjoy to do! Some really great goals here - do let us know how you get on with them when the time comes around it will be interesting to see how many you can tick off! By the time I am 25, (4 years) I would like to have bought a house and had a promotion at work!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. I think I'll try for a yearly update, though with the way 2020's going I'm not sure how much I'll have to add for the next year!

      Steph x

  2. These sound like great goals! Guinea pigs are great pets! x


    1. I've only heard good things about having them as pets - they look so cute!

      Steph x


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