21 May 2020

April bullet journal spreads

Open journal with the word april written between a cloud and some sunflowers

I mean, if it's not obvious I intended to post this weeks ago and then life* (*staring at tiktok mindlessly for hours on end and eating snacks) got in the way, then I don't know what is. I've had a mixture of lots more time for bullet journalling since lockdown started, which is great, but also feeling massively drained and un-creative, the more so as time goes on. I feel like in a few weeks I won't be picking it up at all, but I'm hoping I instead start to feel a bit more inspired again soon.

Open journal with the word april written between a cloud and some sunflowers. Next to a small cactus

I went with a sunflower theme for the month (April showers bring May flowers and all that jazz) and actually really enjoyed it. In the past I've gone for something much more time consuming and complex, but I enjoyed how consistent all the spreads through the month looked and how much more I got set up. Each spread took nowhere near as long as my cover page for March.

Blank april calendar with sunflowers drawn into empty days

I always leave the blank days at the start of monthly calendars bare, and really enjoyed making this one a little more interesting with some tiny flowers.

Open journal with a habit tracker table - some squares are blank and some are coloured light and dark green. There is a strip of drawings of sunflowers to the side

The habit tracker might be my favourite spread of the month. I've changed a lot of things I'm tracking from what they normally might be because life in lockdown doesn't allow for things like eating out, and there's no point in tracking no spend days when that's basically every day now. It's really easy to see when I was struggling (the week from the 20th onwards) as it's so much more bare. I took this photo before the month was up so it's not *quite* finished. I've found starting my habit trackers back up really motivational - I want to at least try to do as many things as I can to get as many squares filled in.

What theme would you use for April bullet journal spreads?

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