11 June 2020

May bullet journal spreads

Double page journal spread with a poem on the left hand side and the word 'May' on the right hand side surrounded by bouquets of lavender flowers

It feels so weird and ... awful ... that the first monthly spread I did in lockdown was in March and here we are in June, still plugging away at home. May felt like a tough month, and if I'm honest I can barely remember what I did in it because the answer is probably nothing except take lots of naps and eat lots of snacks. Each day felt very long, but each week feels like it flew by in a matter of seconds. 

I was feeling quite drained and creative-less last month. I feel incredibly fortunate to still have my job and to be able to work from home. At the same time however, adjusting to this new way of life and coping with the idea of not seeing family and friends for months on end with no break from work to process it has been a little tough, and last month was filled with complete burnout.

With that in mind, I went for a really simple theme of lavender. It meant that I managed to get as many spreads done as I could over the month (still just three) with the limited mental capacity I had to try and be productive in this way.

Blank hand drawn May calendar in a journal, with some cupcakes with red icing on the top right corner of the page

I went with a very simple calendar (that really did remain this empty) to try to get this up quickly, but for June I've completely switched this whole spread up and I really love how I've changed it. This is probably the last month that my calendars will look like this spread over a double page, and I'm quite happy to see them go. I didn't feel like I was being creative with them (I mean, they are just empty rectangles on a page), and I'm hoping the new design will inspire me a little more.

Double page in a dotted journal with a strip of lavender bouquets to the left and a habit tracker rectangle to the right

Habit tracker in a bullet journal partially filled in with dark and light green coloured squares

My habit trackers are my favourite things to fill in. These really have been keeping me more motivated to do anything other than lie and spare into space than anything else has. I look forward to colouring these little squares in each evening, and May turned out to be a lot more productive than June, even if it didn't feel like it.

I hope you enjoyed this quick roundup! If you're a bullet journaller, what theme did you go for in May?

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  1. I love your bullet journal, it's so neat. The lavender is so pretty!



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