31 July 2020

Mid-year book freak out tag 2020

Stack of different coloured books on a grey cardigan

2020 is already over halfway through (honestly thank God for that), and it's time for my mid-year book freak out post. I LOVE writing these, and looking back over the first half of the year's reads to get to grips with exactly what I want to choose for each part of the post. With LOTS of time spent at home and nothing to do, I think I'm actually going to hit my Goodreads target this year - by the end of June I'd reached 32 books, so I've got a few more than normal to choose from!

17 July 2020

What next: staying off antidepressants once the side effects have worn off

Photo of a girl with brown hair and glasses. She is smiling into the camera

January 2019 was when I had reached a point in my life where I felt as though I no longer needed to take my antidepressants. Although at the time I felt I was on a low enough dosage to come off straight away, looking back I 100% should have done it in a much slower process and with more advice from my doctors (though they were the ones initially who said it would be fine to just stop taking them *shrugs*). I've written a blog post here where I've spoken all about the first four months of side effects from stopping taking them. 

14 July 2020

Book of the month: 'A Court of Thorns and Roses'

Cover for 'A Court of Thorn and Roses': bright red with bright yellow writing. Next to a lit white candle and blurry snake plant

Sarah J Maas is one of those authors that seems to be talked about (either super hyped or absolutely hated) by pretty much every booktuber/bookstagrammer I see on my social media feeds. Her YA fantasy is so embedded in online book culture that I've felt totally behind for not having read her books (or V E Schwab's, or Cassandra Clare's, or Suzanne Collins' *grits teeth*).

12 July 2020

June space-themed bullet journal spreads

Dotted bullet journal with poetry written on the left hand side and a hand drawn outline of a face under some planets on the right

I've wanted to do a space/planets themed month in my bullet journal for SUCH a long time, but I was waiting for a month where it really felt right. As June was my birthday month (hello 26), I decided to finally go with this favourite theme idea I've had in a long time. 

8 July 2020

June Reading Wrap Up

Book stack wrapped in string next to a candle

Every month in lockdown I expect myself to read hundreds of books, but with a general inability to concentrate, I'm pretty pleased to have read 5 in June. This was a really varied month in terms of how much I enjoyed what I read. There were a couple of 5 star reads that I've been obsessed with/recommending to everyone, and a 1 star read that actually repulsed me. I branched out a little this month in terms of genre too, with a dystopian fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, YA and general adult fiction.