12 July 2020

June space-themed bullet journal spreads

Dotted bullet journal with poetry written on the left hand side and a hand drawn outline of a face under some planets on the right

I've wanted to do a space/planets themed month in my bullet journal for SUCH a long time, but I was waiting for a month where it really felt right. As June was my birthday month (hello 26), I decided to finally go with this favourite theme idea I've had in a long time. 

I didn't get anywhere near as many spreads done as I wanted (I totally envisioned having weekly spreads, but I just still can't seem to make enough time for bullet journaling, even in lockdown?!), but I did completely switch up my normal boring double calendar spread for something that I at least feel is a bit more interesting. I slimmed the calendar size down to a single page because let's be real, how full really is my calendar for 2020? I also added a mood tracker page as well as a goals section, which I think I'm going to try and keep up as the months go on.

Mood tracker and calendar

Dotted journal double page spread: June calendar on the left and lots of little planets and moons signifying days for a mood tracker on the right

'Mood tracker' page in bullet journal - lots of little planets, stars and moons suspended from rows of straight lines, signifying different days

I spend a LOT of time on Pinterest when I'm trying to think up my spreads, and I found a few different space-y mood trackers that I combined together for some inspiration for this. My calendar was very simple, but I separated out the birthdays and events sections at the bottom to make things a little clearer. This helped me to see at a glance what I was doing all month much more easily than I could do with the big double page calendar.

My mood tracker was probably my favourite part of my June spreads. I kept it simple, just going with happy, sad and anxious as my moods for this first month, but there were a few days where I found that this really didn't quite cover everything, so I think I'll expand this next month. 

'Mood tracker' page in a dotted bullet journal - planets, moons and stars coloured in to signify happy, sad and anxious moods

And here's my completed mood tracker! I had a super anxious month, which I felt at the time and looking back on this is very clear. July so far has been much better, and I'm hoping that it wouldn't look quite as red as this. I also completely forgot to finish ticking off my goals for June, but I pretty much got there with all of them!

Habit tracker

Dotted journal with a habit tracker table in it and a strip of coloured in planets to the left

Dotted journal with a habit tracker table in it and a strip of coloured in planets to the left - completed habits coloured in pink and purple

And finally it's June's habit tracker. I switched up the colours this month and went for a Cheshire cat-esque colour palette, which I'm still not convinced I like! It was a good month for yoga and keeping in touch with people via facetime. The strip of planets and stars at the edge has made me really want to do some kind of cloud theme in the future, which I'm hoping would be quite a simple but pretty one to go for.

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June journal page - a drawing of a head under suspended planets


  1. This is so cute!! I had thought about doing a space theme for July, but decided against it for some reason. I find myself doing up my whole month in my bullet journal, but then, because I'm not working right now and all that, I don't actually use it! I couldn't even tell you what my theme is for July, haha! Oh well.

    Erin / erinmacneil.blogspot.ca

    1. Thank you! I felt a bit weird using mine in such a strange year too!

      Steph x

  2. This space theme is so cute. Your journal is so pretty!


  3. Thank you so much!

    Steph x


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