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If you wish to collaborate with Nourish ME, there are two main ways in which you can do so: through review posts/giveaways, or through sponsored posts.

Here are some statistics you may be interested in considering before you contact me:
Twitter: 3000+
Facebook: 400+
Instagram: 2500+
Bloglovin': 700+

If you wish to send me samples of products from your brand or sponsor a post, please send all enquiries to Depending on how many scheduled posts I have at a time, I will aim to publish the sponsored or review post within three weeks of receiving the product(s). Should you wish for it to be a shorter or extended period of time, we can discuss it over email and it may be possible to alter it. All sponsored products and posts will contain original work by myself as well as my own photography. It will be clearly stated that the post has been sponsored, and as of August 2014 all sponsored products will be marked with an asterisk. 

Here is my media kit if you wish to consider sponsoring a post